Did you know that your pets diet plays a critical role in not only their health, but also their behaviour? A balance of good nutrition and enrichment can greatly improve your pets’ physical and mental well-being and prolong their life. With this in mind, my goal at Chew Chomp & Chill is to provide you with the highest quality pet foods and the most exciting range of enrichment toys, certain to get every tail wagging!

Chew Chomp & Chill is owned by myself, Kay Coonan. I have 3 dogs and created Chew Chomp and Chill around what I wanted and needed for my own dogs and also where I saw lots of lost opportunities for pet owners to be able to learn and experience more about two of the areas of responsible pet management that I am very passionate about – Enrichment and Nutrition.

Please drop into the store with your pup to find out how we can enrich their lives!